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The Rounds Galore! Book

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Rounds Galore
... and More! CD 1

Rounds Galore
... and More! CD 2

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... and CD 3

Rounds CD cover cd 3

    Teaching children Harmony?  Teaching adults the Joy of Singing?  Want something fun for a long trip with the kids?  Looking for the perfect gift for a singer-friend?  Rounds are the fastest way to get kids and adults singing in harmony!   Maria von Trapp (of Sound of Music fame) said "[After homework] first we sang rounds.   It is wonderful for schooling the ear.   It leads quite naturally to polyphonic music.   The rounds teach you to 'mind your own business';   sing your part, never to mind what your neighbor sings."  Learn from the most successful Rounds Book and CDs in history!

    Following the success and popularity of Sol Weber's Rounds Galore! book, we've released three albums that contain beautiful and exciting arrangements of many rounds, both new and old, silly and serious, amusing and fun! The rounds are by composers as varied as Mozart and Peter Schickele (known as his alter ego, PDQ Bach), 16th century rounds composer Michael Praetorius and 20th-21st century dance callers and choreographers John Krumm and Pat Shaw, political satirist and funny social commentator Tom Lehrer, and the best round created for a jingle, for Kellogg's Rice Krispies (OK, it's the only jingle in round form). [See more below about Snap, Crackle, Pop and the performers lead sheet] These mostly a cappella albums (and associated books) are ideal for anyone interested in singing a cappella; school music programs, church or temple choirs; and teaching children to enjoy singing.

    Album #1, with 32 rounds, contains two great Mozart rounds, several modern classics by John Krumm, a wonderful wordless song by the 17th century composer Caldara, a peaceful round from Surinam, a hilarious true story by Jan Harmon of an armadillo's rescue from a crocodile, a great Scat round by Daniel Paget, a funny comment on hectic modern times by Joanne Hammil, and more rounds by Peter Schickele, Michael Praetorius, Jan Harmon, Susan Kisslinger, Emily Fox, Robbie Wedeen, Elliot Z Levine, Jan Maier, John Hetland, Jean Ritchie, L Joyce Hitchcock, Pat Shaw, and the ever prolific A Nonymous.

    Album #2 contains an usual song by Tom Lehrer (his first in round/quodlibet form), the Kellogg's Rice Krispies round, a hilarious rewriting of the 19th century classic Hodu La Sultan (now called "Breathless" in humorous self-reference to its continuous onslaught of syllables), a great food parody of the Pachelbel canon, and more great rounds by John Krumm, Tom Chapin and John Forster, Pete Seeger's father (Charles), Issachar Miron (composer of Tzena Tzena), Porter Abbott (using words from Pogo), Sally Rogers, Lorraine Lee Hammond, Pat Shaw, Joanne Hammil, Jan Harmon, Alix Herrman, William Peek, Gilbert DeBenedetti, Thomas Ravenscroft, William Byrd, and yes, more by A Nonymous. It also contains a beautiful Victorian round rewritten to honor those killed in the September 11th attacks. 34 rounds in all.

    Album #3, a SPECIAL DOUBLE album, features us singing with famous rounds composers, including John Krumm, Joanne Hammil, Jazz legend Bob Dorough (creater of Schoolhouse Rock, played with Miles Davis, Louie Armstrong, Count Basie, Spankie and our Gang), Joelle Adlerblum, John Hetland and others. Contains a fascinating bonus interview with Pete Seeger, explaining how his family always sang rounds, the rounds he popularized, and how the Weavers got their start. Albums have many traditional fun favorites and many new gems. 36 rounds plus that 20 min Pete Seeger interview.

    All selections begin with the round sung unaccompanied, to aid learning it. That's followed by several delicious romps through each round, with full and rich harmonies. Each album has a full hour of rounds to sing along with or simply to relax and enjoy. Several of the selections are in "Rounds minus one" format, where one of the parts is left out. You interact with the recording - your voice provides the missing part!

    CHRISTINE LAVIN says: "This is a record that a lot of people have been waiting for. What I love about this record is you can learn how to sing these songs. They sound so impressive once you learn them!"

  • Hear Christine Lavin rave about the album!
  • Christine and host's fun banter about the Birthday Round
  • Christine Lavin on our "Rounds minus one" songs

        PETER SCHICKELE (of PDQ Bach fame) says: "The round is one of my favorite forms of music, not only because of its great and warm social benefits, but also because of the therapeutic results of its mesmerizing repetitions."Rounds Galore" is a terrific collection: the rounds are presented in a lively and personal way, and cover a range from the well-known to the delightful but obscure. The same could be said for the recording, "Rounds Galore and More!" which makes you feel like you're in the same living room with the 4 singers, and everybody's having a good time."

  • Hear Mozart's Drinking Round open Peter Schickele's program "Schikele Mix" on Rounds & Canons: Schickele Mix show's sound-clip. (Peter added the bar noise!)
  •     The rounds on the CDs are our favorites, mostly drawn from Sol Weber's rounds collection, Rounds Galore, and his Unofficial Set of Additional Rounds. You can buy the albums, the Rounds Galore book, or get both an album and the book at a package discount. The singers and rounds afficionados are Jan Maier, Evy Mayer, Murray and Randi Spiegel, and Sol Weber. Both Jan and Evy are accomplished entertainers on their own: Jan has two albums, "Mountain Skyes" and "Pickles & Puppies," and Evy has four, "Soup to Nuts," "Born to Shop," "Double Trouble - Live," and "Humor Me."

        The very best advertising jingle (IMHO) was the "Snap, Crackle, Pop" round, yes, round, for Kellogg's Rice Crispies.   When I was a teenager, I loved this song.   Later, I wrote to Kellogg's, asking if they had a recording I could buy.   Instead, they sent the lead sheet the singers used when recording the jingle!   Check it out.   It was written by Nick Winkless, Jr.   His daughter wrote to us, saying "Fugue for Tinhorns" (from Guys and Dolls) was a strong influence on him.   The UNOFF collection (below) contains a nicely formatted score for the solo and chorus parts.   [Yes, we got permission from Kellogg's to make our recording, etc.]

    Rounds Book image

    Rounds Book page image

        Every book offered on this site contains full music notation for their rounds. The sample from Rounds Galore (on left) shows that each chapter has anocdotes about the rounds and their composers.

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    Check out samples of our rounds!

    Album One
    Audio samples
    Scat Round
    38 sec

    - Delightful doo-wop syncopations from Daniel Paget
    Scalloped Potatoes
    35 sec

    - Silly fun by Emily Fox
    33 sec

    -More fun for kids; Traditional (in Rounds-minus-one format)
    29 sec

    - Swingle Singers touch to a classical piece by Antonio Caldara
    Home is the Place
    44 sec

    -Thoughtful and beautiful round by L Joyce Hitchcock
    The Road
    42 sec

    - Modern classic by John Krumm, featured on CNN show on rounds
    Joy of my Heart
    28 sec

    -Beautiful new round, also by John Krumm
    38 sec

    - Harmonious chant from Suriname
    Dona Nobis
    64 sec

    -Peter Schickele's haunting rendition ©1984 Peter Schickele
    Windmills/Jubilate Deo
    27 sec

    - Gorgeous chant by Michael Praetorius [Only Jubilate Deo heard here]

    Album Two
    Audio samples
    Kellogg'sTM Rice KrispiesTM
    45 sec

    - Famous jingle from 1960-1980's (Lots of fun to sing!)
    Tachelbell ("TacoBell" Canon)
    46 sec

    - Hilarious parody of Pachelbel Canon
    Selling Out
    54 sec

    - Quodlibet by political humorist Tom Lehrer
    87 sec

    - Beautiful round by Issachar Miron, composer of Tzena Tzena
    Auf Wiedersehn
    32 sec

    - Fritz Werner wrote this while listening to a Cornell Glee Club concert
    Lamb and Lion
    22 sec

    - Thoughts for peace by Lorraine Lee Hammond
    New Years Round
    41 sec

    - Ring it in, Ring in the New Year!

    Album Three
    Audio samples
    58 sec

    - Bob Dorough's masterpiece was sung by Spanky & Our Gang
    The Chicken are into the Tomatoes
    41 sec

    - Great Fun! A classic spoken word round
    The Chocaholics Confession (aka Chocoholic's Round)
    66 sec

    - Chocoholics Anonymous has never heard this one!
    Swingin' Along
    47 sec

    - A classic partner song: the open road in the Fall
    Dona Nobis
    59 sec

    - Perhaps the most famous round
    Duct Tape Madrigal
    48 sec

    - A madrigal praising the many uses of Duct Tape!
    Friends Come Around
    52 sec

    - Friends singing rounds ... what more can one ask of life?
    Joy and Temperance
    45 sec

    - Popularized by Pete Seeger, a rap on the Doctor's nose
    Kiwi Fruit
    39 sec

    - Tongue twister round describing Kiwi fruit
    Samba Chill
    48 sec

    - Latin salsa set to a round

    The book: Rounds Galore

        A few words about the rounds book. It's simply the finest collection of rounds published in over a century. The product of over 10 years' work by probably the world's foremost rounds collector, it has 340 rounds, shown with full music notation, hints on leading them, how to listen to the other parts, and is sprinkled with stories about the composers and anecdotes behind the rounds. Sol acts as the country's clearinghouse for rounds and it shows! As Pete Seeger said "The next best thing to being in a round session with Sol is to have a copy of his book. Get it!"

    Thank you so much for your help.   I can't thank you enough for taking such a personal interest.
    I wish every vendor I dealt with were as dedicated as you.
    — Cathy Montero, Choral director in FL

    Thank you so much. There is simply no rounds collection out there that has the variety included in Rounds Galore.
    — Julia Raspe, Music director in MD

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    Rounds Galore book
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    Rounds Galore and More, Album #2 (CD)
    Rounds Galore and More, Album #3 (DOUBLE CD)
    Rounds composers sing with us; Pete Seeger interview


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    Unofficial set of 150 Additional Rounds
    Great rounds not in the original RG Book
    John Krumm's Rounds, Canons and Partner Songs
    Composer of some of the most beloved rounds of all time.   A compilation of rounds and partner songs from his 3 previous publications, plus 17 new pieces.   Includes a brief discussion of music theory and a workshop on how to compose a great round.
    Pass It Around: Rounds from the Soul of a World
    A beautiful book of new and old rounds (including new words to old rounds), from an organization using singing to support the needy
    18 Creative Rounds by Elliot Z Levine
    Elliot is a founding member of the incredible a cappella group, The Western Wind
    24 Moondog Madrigals
    Moondog was a talented blind musician living on the streets of NYC
    Novice's Guide to Becoming a Better Sight Singer by Sol Weber
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    Web resources related to singing rounds

  • Visualization of a round!
    Amazing flash animation of a round. Real cool - must see!

  • Albums and singing groups
    Singing group The Short Sisters are a spectacular New England-based group. They have several albums with a wonderful collection of songs with many rounds.
    Singing group Libana, a highly recommended Boston-area singing group that includes many rounds on their albums.
    Rounds composer's album Search for "Hirshhorn" for 13 original rounds, canons and songs by Linda Hirshhorn.
    Rounds composer's albums and books Joanne Hammil is a prolific writer of great partner songs and rounds; sells several of her CDs and songbooks on her site.
    101 Rounds and more Search for "Rounds" to find several books devoted to rounds, including "101 Rounds for Singing," containing songs from 22 countries.

  • Books, instruction, and collections
    ChoirCommunity Unique resource for obtaining licensed music for choral groups - including many new and classic rounds.
    A collection at Dartmouth Larry Polansky, professor of Music, assembled a huge number of rounds from a huge collection of composers.
    Choral Wiki Huge number of wiki pages devoted entirely to singing rounds.
    Marilyn Miller's Basic rounds One of the first websites to feature rounds, still a top search engine favorite (scores and midi sound files for learning).
    Sing Out magazine is a great resource for folk music, songwriters, and singers. Carries Rounds Galore as well as other wonderful books.
    Constellation Press Nice collection of dozens of rounds - lyrics, provinence and samples, plus lists of recordings to find them.
    Swarthmore list of rounds Just the words (for now), but a very large list!
    Teaching rounds This book from PA Homeschoolers helps you teach rounds to your kids. 'Singing Rounds -- Or beyond "Row Row Row Your Boat"'
    Song book Search for "Glory and Praise," a song book for children, including rounds, psalms, and acclamations.
    Book of Jewish Rounds Search for "Rounds" for this collection of dozens of Jewish rounds, in English, Hebrew and Yiddish, organized by appropriaate holiday and season.
    Composer's resources Jan Harmon was a prolific writer of rounds, choral music, topical songs, ballads, and a variety of other things.
    The Kodály Society's collection of teacher resources for books of songs and rhymes includes a few devoted to rounds.
    Folk Legacy is a music store and mail-order service for recordings, books, and videos. They're especially good because they carry Rounds Galore and More!
    Grant family church choir They only sing rounds! Several are shown on the site.
    Night Heron Music Nice thoughts about teaching rounds, and the connections between math and music.

    Sol Weber - America's foremost collector of rounds died in 2019, from a serious stroke 4 years earlier. We are carrying on his mission, selling his books, continuing to collect rounds from people around the world.

  • Miscellaneous resources
    Sacred Harp singing Sacred harp (shape note singing) song books include some nice rounds. People interested in rounds run in the same circles as devotees of sacred harp singing. This page contains many good resources for Sacred Harp singing.
    Nick Page's singing resources Nick Page, a Boston-area choral director who also leads eclectic singing workshops, lists a large collection of resources - organizations, publishers, and world instruments. Wider ranging than an interest in rounds - but everyone who's interested in rounds should be a well-rounded individual, right? Check it out!
    Country Dance and Song Society All folks interested in folk music and dance should know about the CDSS (includes mostly dance resources, but many CDSS folks are interested in songs and rounds).
    New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club The New York Pinewoods Folk Music Club runs concerts, weekends, classes, singing parties, and get-togethers, all with an emphasis on traditional folk music of all flavors.
    Peoples Music Network The Peoples Music Network (PMN) is a network of musicians, performers, songwriters, sound & recording engineers, music lovers and archivists involved with music and and culture.
    New York's Renaissance Street Singers: This group sings polyphonic motets for passersby (for free!) on Sunday afternoons.

    There aren't many web pages devoted to rounds. If you find any more, please contact mspiegel {at sign here} My thanks go out to Evy Mayer (producer of "Rounds Galore and More!"), Sol Weber, and Jan Maier for the most enjoyable singing experience of my life.

    Happy Singing!

  • Other Stuff: Original and interesting Judaica
    NEWS FLASH: 300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions.   An amazing book that will transform your seders - amazing ancient languages, fun parodies, quizzes and games you can play at your seder. Foreword by Theodore Bikel, star of stage and screen. "Scholarly and fun"   To order your copy of 300 Ways to Ask the Four Questions, go to

    If you're interested in Passover seders, check out the Seders For You site, featuring ready-made unusual and innovative seders you can use, including original song parodies and other Passover seder resources.