Elliot Z Levine's Rounds

Elliot Levine, of the Western Wind, writes many forms of music: Religious [Psalms, Church music, Jewish Holidays], concert works and solo songs.  He also writes wonderful rounds.

The rounds in this inexpensive collection are:

[EZL]  Elliot Levine's Rounds
Ani Dodi
By Moonlight
Come Away [recorded on Rounds Galore and More, Vol 1]
Cuando La Fuerza Manda, La Ley Calla
Cum Essem Parvulus
I Come From Far Away
I Don't Know The Answer Today I'm In A Bad Mood
I'm The First Part
Now We Live Right Here In New York
Right There
Strive Mightily
The Friends Of The Western Wind
Tov L'hodot
Wake Up
We're The Women Of The Yeshiva Chorus

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