The Rounds Galore! Book and Unofficial Set of Additional Rounds

Sol Weber's rounds collection, Rounds Galore, and his Unofficial Set of Additional Rounds and the best collections you can buy. Rounds Galore has over 340 rounds, new and old, in a convenient spiral binding, beautifully laid out. With chatty background information about the rounds, and their composers, and folksy commentary throughout. The Unofficial Set has 150 more rounds, in a much less expansive layout: just the rounds, often several per page.
Rounds Book

Click here to see list of rounds in Rounds Galore.
And click here to see list of rounds in the Unofficial Set of Additional Rounds.

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All books offered on this site contain full music notation for their rounds. The sample from Rounds Galore (on left) shows that each chapter has anocdotes about the rounds and their composers.

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