Moondog Madrigals

Moondog (1916-1999) was a very talented blind musician, who lived much of his eclectic life on the streets of New York City, sometimes playing music in a viking costume. Moondog (real name: Louis Thomas Hardin) composed many types of music, including some very beloved rounds. Moondog wrote "I began writing rounds in the late winter or early spring of 1951. I vaguely remember writing my first one, "All is Loneliness," in a doorway on 51st Street between 7th Avenue and Broadway. For the next year or two I wrote about six dozen rounds, in fives and sevens.... [5/8 and 7/8 time]. In 1968, when I heard that Big Brother and The Holding Company had recorded "All is Loneliness," I took to writing them again, this time concentrating on rounds in more conventional meters of 4/4, 2/4, 3/4. The rounds of the earlier fifties were all four-part, each having a compass of an octave. In [my later] rounds I did not limit myself to four-part nor to the compass of an octave."
This inexpensive collection is a copy of the album insert of an album released in the 1971.   It contains the music scores for the rounds listed below.

[MDM]  Round the World of Song -
Moondog Madrigals

All is Loneliness
Be a Hobo
Bells are Ringing
Coffee Beans
Down is Up
Each Today is Yeterday's Tomorrow
I Love You
My Tiny Butterfly
Nero's Expedition
No, the Wheel was Never Invented
Some Trust All
This Student of Life
Trees Against the Sky
Voices of Spring
What's the Most Exciting Thing
Why Spend a Dark Night with Me
Wine, Woman and Song
With My Wealth
You the Vandal

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