Pass It Around: Rounds from the Soul of a World

Pass It Around has newly published a beautiful book of rounds, including how to sing rounds, how to teach them, the history of rounds (11 pages!), resources to find more, and indexes by Title, First Line, Subject, and Composer.

T he 184-page book contains 172 rounds, with chapters on: Elizabethan Rounds, Classical Rounds, Hebrew Rounds, Balkan Songs and Rounds, Rounds from Southern Africa, German Rounds, Recycled Rounds (new words to older rounds), and Rounds in Our Time.

Rounds composers range from Michael Praetorius, John Hilton, William Byrd, and Henry Percell to the best of those composing rounds today. Kay Eskenazi, the book's editor, has quite a few of her own, both in the original and "recycled" rounds sections. (The 'recycled' rounds depict a progressive stance of one-world unity.)

Pass It Around is a non-profit organization that uses group-singing to support people who are homeless, sick, or recovering from alcoholism and drug addition. What better way to use music!?

Click to see FULL set of indices: by Title, First Line and Subject

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